I travel with my camera everywhere I go, searching out moments that define the experience of living in New York City, a diverse and vibrant metropolis. I thrive on capturing fleeting moments that provide insights into human nature, from both a sociological and psychological perspective. I'm so fortunate to live in Greenwich Village where my doorstep is an ever changing theatre of people whose lives can be captured and frozen in time by pressing the shutter button on my camera.

My best photographs provide an epiphany, probing deeper into people's lives and revealing a range of emotions that everyone can connect to. Whether realistic or surreal in style, photographs reveal stories and truths about peoples' lives that are open to each viewer's interpretation. Color is my palette in my street photography, and the rainbow of New York City is my canvas.

When I'm not on the streets of my hometown, I'm in the studio shooting portraits for social media and professional applications. I'm known for my engaging, relaxed style, quickly making each individual feel comfortable and showcasing their unique personality.

I was introduced to photography when I was six years old. My father, a passionate photographer, set up a darkroom on weekends in the bathroom of our suburban home. I stood by his side, mesmerized, as he developed rolls of film, later exposing individual frames on photo paper in his contact printer.  Finally, he passed the paper through trays of acrid-smelling developer, stop bath, and fixer. Magically the photos came alive before my eyes. I've been shooting photos ever since.

New York City has a history and tradition of street photography. I admire Abbott, Levitt, Leiter, Friedlander, Meyerowitz, Winogrand, Arbus, and many more. The heart of the city beats in their photos, leading me down a lane of creative inspiration.